Your gift guide to surviving the 2015 wedding season!

The 2015 wedding season is fast approaching and this is your year to outdo the array of toasters and kettles that are sure to line the gift table. Whether you are looking for something unique and quirky or something traditional, finding the perfect gift for the lovebirds can be a tricky task.

Ian Spicer, Managing Director of Spicers of Hythe, gives you his top tips on how to pick a thoughtful gift that will stand out from the crowd.

Who is the recipient and what do they like?

Traditionally, wedding day gifts have been items for the home. Think toasters and glassware. The wedding presents would set a couple up for their new life together but now most couples tend to live together before they get married so they’ve most likely got all the mundane items for daily life. What they might appreciate, however, is something special that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, such as a vase or a crystal photo frame. If you have decided to go for a gift such as a luxury hamper that the couple can enjoy together, make sure that you consider if they like alcohol, have a nut allergy or prefer a certain type of chocolate. The more information you have, the better you can tailor your gift it to suit the recipient.

Stick to your budget. 

Don’t get caught up in trying to go above and beyond your budget. The bride and groom will value your presence at their big day more than the present you give; it really is the thought that counts!

Registered wedding lists.  

If a couple have registered for gifts online, even if you want to stray away from the list, take a look. It will give you an insight into their tastes. This can help you select the perfect gift and can answer the question as to whether to get a traditional or quirky gift. 

Get the gift in time. 

A wedding can be stressful for the wedding guests too! Making sure that you have the right outfit, have booked the accommodation, it’s enough to make you forget the little things, like the wedding gift. Allow yourself plenty of time to think about what kind of gift you want to get and if you need to factor in delivery times. Don’t leave it to the last minute, so that you find yourself looking at the door the day before the wedding waiting for a delivery that might turn up in time. 

Your top 10 tips checklist:

  1. Check you have a local taxi number and remember to book it in advance for the end of the evening. If you are staying at a hotel, remember to get a business card from the hotel with the address on.
  2. Bring an extra pair of tights; always be prepared!
  3. Make sure you have cash; some bars at wedding receptions may not accept cards.
  4. Double check your invite to see which part of the day you have been invited to and also if you have been given a plus 1 or not. You do not want to be remembered as the person who stressed the couple out by ruining the seating plan!
  5. Get some confetti. If the ceremony is at a church, you may need to get biodegradable confetti which is widely available e.g. from high street card shops.
  6. Make sure you know where the wedding is, or allow enough time to find the venue. You should aim to be there 20 minutes before the wedding starts, however if you are late; quietly take a seat at the back.
  7. Remember to charge your camera/ phone to capture moments from the special day.
  8. If the wedding is abroad, make sure you have checked in advance that your passport and travel insurance will still be valid.
  9. If the couple have put out a guest book or something similar, make sure you sign it. This will be something that they will always treasure and as a guest, the couple would like you to be a part of it.
  10. Remember the gift!

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