Why picnics are good for your soul

Spring is in the air, and the sun has appeared in all its glory. The English will take any opportunity for a picnic, but did you know that picnics are actually good for you? Tell your boss you’re taking a long lunch and send them this… the perfect excuse!

Whether a lunchtime break with colleagues, a BBQ with your friends, or a weekend trip out with your family, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones!

Here’s why you should pack your hamper (you can repurpose your Spicers of Hythe basket or treat yourself to a new one) and head down to the park or seaside this weekend!

Time for communication, time for reflection!

Picnics are the perfect opportunity to link up with family and friends and really take some time to escape electronic distraction. Whether it’s relaxing with colleagues, or chilling out with your friends, you can really spend some quality time with your loved ones! It doesn’t always mean having to maintain consistent chit-chat, you can just relax and take the time to absorb the day!

Picnics are proven to be a favourite with kids as they can enhance their feeling of belonging and emotional support. This carries right through into adulthood when we associate them with family tradition and genuine connection!  Whoever you are with, spend some time showing interest in their lives, and the good feeling will flow.

Enjoying your food.

Picnics really bask in the art of slow eating. Focus on organic, artisan products that taste divine and enjoy the flavours in your palate with no distractions. We suggest sticking to pre-cooked or way food that can be eaten with your hands – no mess no fuss, no need for the worry of a clean up afterwards.

Staying active/The Great Outdoors.

The health benefits of relaxing in nature are no real secret. Taking a break from your desk at lunchtime gives you brain a chance to recuperate. If you are heading to the park with family, this is a great way to help your children to embrace outdoor play. Take a rounders or cricket bat and build a family tradition of healthy habits! Rounders can be appreciated by any age – a quick run around can get your blood flowing!

Stress relief

Vitamin D from the sun = mood boost. A study by the National Academy of Sciences found that 90 minutes in a natural environment reduces levels of anxiety. Getting away from the pressures of daily life can boost your enjoyment of the day no end! Being a grown-up isn’t always easy, so spend some time lounging in the sun and appreciating the little things!

  • Are you heading out for a picnic this weekend? We’d love to see your snapshots – don’t forget to tag us @SpicersofHythe!

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