Valentine's Day Hampers

Looking for the perfect Valentines day gift idea? Then why not try one of our luxury hand-packed gourmet Valentine’s gift hampers, perfect for the Valentine in your life! Our Valentine’s day hampers and gourmet gift baskets are packed with a wide selection of carefully selected goodies including chocolates from Delafaille, the finest sparkling Prosecco and mouth-watering Radfords fudge. We can delivery with your personalised message or why not buy one to share with your loved one?

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Red Amour - H19201

Red Amour

£14.95 ex. VAT

Chocolate dipped shortbreads and sparkling Rose are the perfect way to express your love to someone special this Valentines Day. All beautifully hand-packed into a little red box, this gift is sure to delight.

Valentine Temptation Box - H19202

Valentine Temptation Box

£14.95 ex. VAT

The selection of decadent chocolate and caramel fudge, mouth-watering chocolate pralines, and a Cocoabean love heart plaque provide all of the delicious components that are deserved, and sure to be enjoyed, on Valentines Day.

Treat Box - H18123

Treat Box

£17.95 ex. VAT

Does someone special to you deserve a treat, or a romantic night in? The Treat Box provides all that is needed to make its recipient feel appreciated and wonderfully loved. Prosecco, a Cocoabean chocolate Love Heart Plaque and some decadent chocolate Pralines are treats that anyone will love to receive.

Tray of Treats - H18119

Tray of Treats

£18.50 ex. VAT

The mere sight of a tray has never been so tempting! As your eyes are graced by wonderful presents such as Curiouser delicate Raspberry Marshmallows and an equally captivating bottle of pink Italian Sparkling Rose, you will not be able to resist taking a deeper dive into the rest of the tray’s offerings. Once greeted by chewy Milk Chocolate Éclairs and Monty Bojangles’ Choccy Scoffy Truffles, you are sure to feel thoroughly spoilt with this Tray of Treats.

Ladies Gift in Pink Gift Box - H18161

Ladies Gift in Pink Gift Box

£19.50 ex. VAT


Gents Gift in Blue Gift Box - H18162

Gents Gift in Blue Gift Box

£19.50 ex. VAT


Mr Darcy - H19206

Mr Darcy

£20.95 ex. VAT

Valentines Day isn’t just about the girls! For that special man in your life, or for someone who prefers life’s more savoury delicacies this hamper is the gift for you. Chilli coated peanuts and all butter cheese and onion straws, complimented by a healthy dose of sweet treats provide the perfect assortment for a cosy Valentines evening.  

The Chocolicious - H18111

The Chocolicious

£22.50 ex. VAT

Calling Chocoholics everywhere, this hamper is the one for you! Have you ever heard of a chocolate treat more sumptuous than Chocolate Enrobed Caramels? Or experienced the sensation of stirring a stick of pure milk chocolate into a warm mug of milk to create the most luxurious hot chocolate drink you will ever consume? All of your Charlie in the Chocolate Factory dreams will some true as you dive into the cocoa filled paradise that The Chocolicious box entails.

Queen of Hearts - H19204

Queen of Hearts

£22.95 ex. VAT

A hamper fit for a Queen. Raspberry Marshmallows, Strawberry cheesecake popcorn and a salted caramel chocolate bar are unique and exquisite variations on Valentines Day essentials. Surprise a loved one, and their taste buds, with this stunning hamper.

A Gift For You - H18007

A Gift For You

£23.95 ex. VAT

With beautifully fluffy Raspberry Marshmallows and a sumptuous Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar, this elegant black box is an excellent treat for a sweet toothed companion. The bottle of Sauvignon Blanc compliments the sweet selection of treats, creating the ideal movie night bundle. Perfect for a night in with a friend or on your own when relaxation and indulgence is it at the top of the priority list.

My Sparkling Lover - H19203

My Sparkling Lover

£24.95 ex. VAT

A bottle of bubbles and an assortment of sweet delights are sure wins in the realm of love. Pre dinner bubbles, followed by some delightful after dinner Belgian chocolate covered Raspberry Delights will definitely ensure that your night has a perfect start and end.

Prosecco and Chocolates - H18102

Prosecco and Chocolates

£25.00 ex. VAT

A match made in heaven. No one would say no to a relaxing night in with a bottle of bubbly Italian Abbazia Prosecco and a luxurious selection of chocolaty delights. Whether milk chocolate tickles your taste buds, or if the indulgence of Stas Truffles and Brownie Biscuits are a more enticing prospect, the delicious array of chocolate treats in this gift are sure to make a relaxing night all the more special.

Sparkling with Love - H18121

Sparkling with Love

£25.95 ex. VAT

Nothing says I love you more than Champagne and chocolates! Diamant Royal Blanc de Blancs Brut, a delicate chocolate Love Heart Plaque and Delafaille Chocolate Pralines are sure to pull at the heart strings of your loved one. An evening spent snuggled up by the fire with some Chocolate Coated Marshmallows and a glass of fizz is the perfect way to ignite a spark in your relationship. 

Rose Basket - H18122

Rose Basket

£26.50 ex. VAT

Upon opening this white wicker basket your breath will be taken away at its rosy contents. A bottle of crisp Zinfandel Blush, surrounded by a splendid selection of life’s little luxuries, will excite any Rose lover. The mouth watering allure of a luxury Beech’s White Chocolate Bar, along with the satisfying eruption of Caramel oozing from the seams of the Cocobean Enrobed Caramels, will definitely make this gifts recipient see you through rose tinted glasses for a long time after its consumption!

Pink Prosecco - H18103

Pink Prosecco

£26.90 ex. VAT

Never was ‘Pretty in Pink’ a truer statement. A party of unique pink pleasures are begging to be unwrapped and enjoyed in our Pink Prosecco box. This gift presents the perfect opportunity to broaden your taste buds with some Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn, Strawberry Bellini Fudge and some Strawberry & Clotted Cream Shortbread! All topped off with a bottle of Italian Nua Rose Prosecco, establishing this box as Pink Perfection!

Deluxe Chocolicious - H18132

Deluxe Chocolicious

£31.95 ex. VAT

Chocolate truffles, chocolate biscuits, and even a chocolate drink, there is no end to the cocoa overload of this deluxe hamper! Don’t just expect generic chocolate treats in this hamper, broaden your cocoa filled horizons by trying unique treats such as Joe & Steph’s Caramel & White Chocolate Popcorn, or experience the splendour of a Cocoabean Marshmallow and Milk Chocolate Stirrer. You won’t believe your lucky stars when you realise that the Easter bunny definitely came early this year!

Secret Admirer - H19205

Secret Admirer

£32.50 ex. VAT

Your admiration won’t be a secret anymore when your loved one receives this beautiful hamper. Hand packed into this stunning wicker basket, your loved one will be overjoyed to see a bottle of sparkling Nua Rose staring back at them, especially when it’s surrounded by so many decadent treats!

Valentine Blush - H19207

Valentine Blush

£34.95 ex. VAT


Bag of Delights - H18120

Bag of Delights

£36.95 ex. VAT

With 9 tasty treats this bag is sure to delight its recipient! Filled to the brim with gourmet delicacies, including a bottle of Nua Rose, Chocolate Enrobed Caramels and a decadent bar of Divine Fairtrade White Chocolate with Strawberries, you really can’t go wrong when gifting this beautiful bag. Savoury or sweet, this bag is sure to delight.

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