The lowdown on money saving Christmas gifts

Christmas is an expensive time for everyone, and there always seems to be yet another person on your list that you’ve forgotten. Whether it’s your least favourite colleague or that extended family member (that just between us, you actually forgot existed), there are so many people to shop for that it all just starts to pile up around you. Suddenly you’re working out whether your aunt will recognise the bath set she gave you last year, that you never used, if you regift it to her.

However, this year is different. This year, we’re going to give you some money saving tips to help you save up your pennies and ensure you have enough to get something for everyone - including more to spend on yourself!

Start early

We know what you’re thinking, it’s a little too early to start considering Christmas - after all, it’s only September. However, in August, 48% of shoppers across the globe had already begun buying Christmas presents. While it may seem preemptive to be thinking about Christmas so soon, starting your Christmas shopping now is not only great for organisation but is also cost-effective. By being organised and purchasing presents as early as possible, you can spread the cost of Christmas and actually get everything you need - without the Christmas cost hitting you all at once. Remember to work out what you can afford before you start to shop, as this will give you a budget that you can stick to.

Starting your shopping early also means that you can take advantage of the many early bird discounts available from retailers - like our 20% Early Bird discount! (Available until October 8th with the code S18SG1, discount applied to cost of hamper only.)


In recent years, artisan handmade gifts have become increasingly popular as Christmas gifts. This has had a huge impact on how ‘homemade’ gifts are received, as well as the overall quality of homemade gifts, which makes this a viable Christmas present option. Not only can your homemade gifts be unique and special, they can also be relatively inexpensive - from Marble Dipped Mugs to Dinosaur Planters, requiring mostly basic household objects, and some creativity.

So, not only are you saving money with homemade gifts, but you’re putting effort into making something heartfelt - which is probably a better present that something you can simply buy. This is also a great activity to take part in with other people, whether it’s your family, your friends or your partner.

Online Shopping

Our final tip is to make the most of online shopping when it comes to your Christmas shopping. With so many stores available at the touch of your fingers, it’s almost rude not to! Not to mention, there are so many online sales that you can end up saving a substantial  amount of money. By combining our start early tip with our online shopping tip, you can stock up on stocking fillers and other Christmas gifts from cheaper sites that have a longer delivery time, and still get your purchases in time for the big day - without overspending!

Still looking for a cost-effective gift for a distant loved one? Have you heard of our Penny Post range? Not only do they fit through the letterbox, but they’re also a great way to add a personal touch by attaching a heartfelt message, saving you time and money. For more information get in contact with us today!

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