The Dos and Don’ts of Work Christmas Parties

Work parties are great for building relationships with your colleagues. It gives you a chance to get to know the people you work with better. The more you get on with your colleagues, the more you’ll enjoy going to work.

But if you do not particularly enjoy occasions such as this, generally don’t like making conversation with your colleagues, and dancing just isn’t your cup of tea; well, tough! It’s time to make an effort.

We’ve put together some dos and don’ts to make sure your Christmas party goes without a hitch and you can show your face at work the next day!

Don’t drink too much

Our number one rule for anyone, would be to not drink too much! This particularly goes to those who don’t want to be there in the first place – you don’t want to say something you’ll regret in the morning. You certainly don’t want the whole office talking about you behind your back, so just be sensible. You aren’t out with your friends, you’re still with work, so behave. Just don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t if you were at the office.

Don’t talk about work

It’s an ideal opportunity to get to know your employer, just don’t talk about work unless they bring it up. It’s a time to relax and forget about that stack of papers that need to be faxed. Certainly don’t start asking for a raise, even if you are feeling brave after that beer. Introduce yourself to the boss’ partner and make conversation. Having their partner talk about how nice and polite you were to them on the way home is much better than straight up asking for a raise. You’ll go up in the boss’ estimations if their partner likes you.

Be a grown up!

One thing that must be made clear is that no matter how informal your workplace is, you do not want to be acting like a high school hooligan. It isn’t a bachelor party, and it isn’t a time to start rugby tackling your colleagues to the ground. No exotic dancing, no picking people up, and no, I don’t think your boss would appreciate you throwing up all over them, nor would they feel heart warmed by you telling them they’re ‘alright’ for a boss. Simply put, you aren’t going to get promoted for acting like a tool… No, not even if you are extremely good at twerking.

Just remember who you’re with, your boss will see and remember everything you do. Take our advice, behave, and you won’t wake up on Christmas morning with a lump of coal in your stocking. Enjoy yourself by all means, we hope you have a good time. Just don’t be the guy that can’t go into work the next morning because they threw up, you’ll be the talk of the office!

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