The Best (and Worst) Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to spend the next few weeks than reminiscing about memorable presents received in the past! When your children are very little, their thoughtful (and often bizarre) gifts are always the ones to smile about the most. We’ve been catching up with top mummy bloggers to find out their most memorable Mother’s Day gifts.

Chantelle @ Mama Mummy Mum
“My best gifts have always been the homemade ones from the children – not the ones they make at school but the ones they think of all by themselves. I keep each and every one, as they are all something to cherish.”

Steph @ Mental Parentals
“My best gift was given to me on my first ever Mother’s Day; a Tatty Teddy mug that says ‘Mum’. I still use it every day at work to remind me that I go there to earn to provide a good life for my children.”

Jo @ Slummy Single Mummy
“I was once given a homemade ‘cheese stew’ – a bowl of milk with lumps of cheese in, and dried herbs sprinkled on top.” 

Sarah @ Run Jump Scrap
“I think it was actually a card and a bag of Mini Eggs from my unborn daughter when I was pregnant with my first! It was so exciting and the beginning of me being a Mum.”

Michaela @ Two Little Paines
“My two are too young to go and buy me anything and being a single mum there’s no one that takes them out to get anything either. My best Mother’s Day present has to be their paintings of me presented at a Mother’s Day assembly, complete with the reasons why they love me most! These also count as the funniest as you can just imagine what the paintings looked like (eyelashes that look like hands, weird shaped face etc) but the reason my son loved me was because I took him to McDonalds!”

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Image: Shutterstock / Sunny studio

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