The benefits of shopping with authentic local brands

Here at Spicers, we believe that supporting local brands is so important. We collaborate with many local brands across Kent and the rest of the UK, and only stock products from brands we trust. Shopping local benefits everyone, including you as the consumer. We take a look at just some of the reasons why below.


Unique products

When shopping with a local business, you are experiencing a one-of-a-kind service and it’s likely that you won’t find the products it’s selling elsewhere. Whether you’re shopping for an item for yourself or a gift, you are purchasing something unique and not an item that everyone else has seen in a supermarket aisle – it adds something a little more special.



Often those who run a local business collaborate with and purchase from other local companies, creating a supply chain of local brands. By purchasing from one local business, you are also supporting a cluster of local businesses and are receiving products that have not been transported millions of miles – meaning less pollution, congestion and negative effect on the climate.


Improved customer service

When dealing with large companies, it can sometimes be quite difficult to get the advice or help you need as a customer. Instead of going through multiple email chains or contacts over the phone, when shopping with a local brand, you can get support and advice on-hand from multiple decision makers, when you need it.


Supporting the economy

It’s a well-known fact that when a consumer buys from a local company, more money stays within the local economy than if they were to spend with a large organisation. By spending your money with local companies, you are in turn investing in the community around you – and its future.


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