Seven things every dad needs

It’s coming up to Father’s Day (19th June 2016), the day we get to celebrate our dads and be thankful for all the things they do for us. So what do you get your dad to make his day extra special, and to say a big, big thank you?

Here we have some suggestions for what to get these notoriously difficult-to-buy-for family members.


It’s every child’s favourite. Lego is loved by people of all ages (until you step on it that is – ouch!) so why not treat your dad to some Star Wars Lego? It will bring back all those childhood memories, and you can both make new memories building his new Lego. After all, dads like starting and completing DIY projects, so let’s see how quickly or slowly he can put together these lego sets.


Your dad needs to look cool(ish) whenever possible, so getting him a decent pair of sunglasses that actually suit him is a must. There are many different varieties on the market. From Wayfarers to Aviators, your dad is bound to suit either one, or both of them. A word of warning though, your dad may think he becomes invincible with his new sunnies – but unfortunately, no fighter jet or fast car comes with the sunglasses. But shh, don’t burst his bubble just yet, let him think he is the bee’s knees.

Tool Kit

Where would a dad be without a proper tool kit with everything he needs in it? Has your dad misplaced any of his tools lately, or needs new ones? Then it is time to upgrade his toolkit. Even if you buy a new toolbox, he will no doubt enjoy arranging his tools into his new box. Toolboxes with different compartments are great for your dad to keep screws and nails separately, giving him more space to organise.

Wallet Ninja

This is a genius invention and one your dad will love. It is the size of a bank card, and has up to 18 different types of tools all enclosed in a handy size that will fit perfectly into his wallet. Tools include screwdriver, emergency rope, ruler, bottle opener, saw, fruit peeler, can opener and a box cutter to name but a few. No matter what situation your dad finds himself in he is sure to have a solution thanks to the Wallet Ninja.


Your dad works hard, so why not treat him to his favourite drink. Whether it’s a particular beer, or his favourite coffee, he can sit down and enjoy it while watching his favourite sport or TV programme, or when he reads a magazine. If you really want extra bonus points this year you could even buy him a year’s subscription to his favourite magazine.

Bluetooth speaker

Most dads love technology, and have all the latest gadgets – if they can work out how to use them! Buy your dad a bluetooth speaker so he connect his phone or mp3 player via bluetooth to play his music out loud, perfect for everything from parties to picnics to cleaning out the shed. You can even get ones where lights flash in time with the music. We can’t guarantee that it will turn your dad’s dancing into anything acceptable, but you can sure have a laugh with, or at, him.

Portable phone charger

You’ve also probably heard your dad moan how the battery on his phone drains really quickly, and how it doesn’t live up to his old phone’s standards from way back when. This year buy him a portable phone charger, so he can no longer moan about his phone going dead when he is out. It’ll buy you some peace and quiet too!
Of course all dad’s love food and tasty treats, particularly with a delicious drink or two, so why not take a look out our Father’s Day Hampers, filled with lots of delicious treats your dad will be sure to enjoy. They’re the perfect way to please picky dads this Father’s Day.

Whatever you choose to buy your father, make sure that he knows just how much you appreciate him – on Father’s Day, and every day of the year.

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