National Chocolate Week

There is rarely a nicer (or tastier) announcement than that of ‘National Chocolate Week’. The Spicers team enjoy any week that gives them a chance to succumb to all of the chocolatey pleasure, from creamy milk chocolate through to beautifully bitter dark cocoa and the sweet burst of white chocolate. In order to share our chocolate shaped joy and, to be honest, give us the chance to spend hours researching chocolate, here are our top 10 chocolicious facts. You are WELCOME.

  1. The smell of chocolate is enough to relax you. That’s right, the scent of chocolate increases theta brain waves which aid relaxation.
  2. Historically, chocolate has been more valuable than gold. (No, your chocolate coins aren’t part of this). The Mayan culture valued the cocoa bean higher than gold dust, and used the cocoa bean as currency. (They also believed that it had divine properties and would use it during some rituals).
  3. Modern historians estimate that chocolate has been consumed for over 2000 years.
  4. Chocolate was consumed as a liquid, not a solid, for a huge amount of its history. ‘Edible’ chocolate was only invented in the 19th Century.
  5. ‘Eating chocolate’ was first created in Britain by the Fry and Sons shop in 1847….
  6. But Milk Chocolate was created in 1875 in Switzerland after much experimentation by Daniel Peter. That’s science we can get excited about.
  7. Chocolate contains over 600 flavour compounds, which is why the taste can be so beautifully varied.
  8. Chocolate Milk is an effective (and tasty!) post workout recovery snack, perfect motivation to head down the gym.
  9. Europeans LOVE chocolate. In fact, we account for around half the world’s chocolate consumption.
  10. Chocolate is the only substance to melt at around 33.9*C – that’s just below the temperature of the human body, which is what helps to make the chocolate melt so deliciously in your mouth!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to see if we can taste all 600 of those flavour compounds… for scientific purposes. If you’d like to get involved in a National Chocolate Week relaxation session, pretend you are a Mayan lord or lady, or even conduct your own taste compound test, we recommend a Spicers of Hythe Chocolate Hamper. Head over to our Chocolate Hamper page to shop now.

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