Homemade Halloween costume ideas for adults and children

Halloween is just around the corner and while you may be tempted to head down to the shops to buy a costume, it can actually be far more fun (and cheaper!) to simply make your own. Whether you have kids and want to make it a fun activity or just want to stand out at that office Halloween party, these homemade Halloween costume ideas are no trick and are sure to go down a treat.


Most people see a ghost costume as a lazy Halloween costume choice - it’s just a sheet with two eye slits right? Well sure, if you want to dress up as a bad ghost. While a sheet is the staple of any ghost costume, a few extra additions can help turn a bad homemade ghost costume into a great one.

Use scissors to cut triangles out of the bottom of the sheet to create a spooky effect which will help you look more like a ghost and less like you’ve had some trouble making the bed. Most ghost costumes involve having the sheet covering your head, but if you’re good at makeup or have a friend who is, it can be fun to wear the sheet from the neck down as it allows you to experiment with some ghost makeup on your face and hair.

White foundation can be applied all over your face to give you that classic look, while a heavy dose of eyeliner can also give your costume a bit more of a punch. For the hair, try applying white chalk to add in white highlights. If you don’t have any chalk, flour can also be a suitable substitute.

If you have any pets, a ghost costume is also one of the few costumes that they can get involved with too! If you have a dog and it’s feeling cooperative, you can dress him/her in a sheet so the whole family can look spooky!


You may look like the walking dead but a good homemade zombie costume can liven up any Halloween party or trick or treat adventure.

Zombie costumes generally need clothes that look worse for wear, so try to find some old clothes you don't mind ripping up a bit or simply buy some from a charity shop. Once you’ve got some clothes, feel free to rip holes in them but don’t go overboard - sometimes less is more. To get a really good dirt effect on your clothes, try brewing some black tea and spraying it onto the clothes with a spray bottle.

A good zombie costume isn’t complete without a dose of makeup though. Sure you can reach for the palette, but you can also achieve a creepy look with the help of some common kitchen ingredients. Mix cornstarch, flour and bit of water to create a base you can apply over your skin. Allow it to dry, and then you have a nice extra layer of skin that you can make cuts and holes in to really creep people out. Add some red food colouring and fake blood and you’re ready to go! (Or if you’re feeling extra artistic you can try out a youtube zombie makeup tutorial!)


Whether you opt for an old-school vampire or a more modern twilight inspired look, vampires are always a solid homemade Halloween costume choice. If you opt for the classic look you need to dress fancy - vampires always did dress to impress! A white shirt, waistcoat and black trousers will help you pull off the look if you’re a guy, while girls may want to simply wear a long black dress instead.

If you’re going for a more modern look, you can pretty much wear what you want - it’s the makeup where your costume will really shine. Similar to the ghost outfit start by applying white foundation all over your face. For extra detail, try adding shadow to your face with some grey or black shade.

Of course, no vampire costume is complete with a pair of fangs. Stick a pair in and dab some red food colouring around the mouth area to give off the impression you’ve just fed and to complete your look!

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