Flying Solo This Festive Season: Ways to Treat Yourself This Christmas

Although the idea of spending the Christmas season alone may conjure up mental images of people weeping into their turkey-for-one ready meals, there is a whole new group of solitude-loving singletons choosing to embrace their freedom and spend the festive season flying solo.

If the idea of another Christmas Day family catfight or conversation with your Nan about your singleton status is making you want to throw in the festive towel, then we’ve come up with three ways to treat yourself to a seriously special solo Christmas.

Splash the Cash
Feeding one person instead of the masses slashes your festive food bill into small, palatable pieces, so this is the perfect time to spoil yourself. Forget the Cava and splash out on Champagne, smoked salmon, a seriously good cheese selection – whatever takes your fancy.

It’ll still cost far less than if you were feeding a whole family. Plus, one delightful factor of this new-found festive freedom is not having to consider anyone elses culinary needs. Cheese board for breakfast? Whyever not. Champagne and a share-tub of twiglets for afternoon tea? Knock yourself out. This is not the time to skimp on the good stuff.

Presents, Presents, Presents
Flying solo at Christmas should under no circumstances mean that you do not get presents. Ever. Presents make people feel good, there is no denying it, and buying presents for yourself can still elicit this same feeling of unabashed consumerist joy. Not having a significant other to slog around the shops buying presents for means you have double the budget to spend on yourself, which means you can definitely afford to buy yourself a present or twelve.

Head for the Airport
If the idea of cooking a turkey for one still doesn’t fill you with joy, then maybe it’s time to pack a bag and head for some winter sun. Book one of the hundreds of last-minute holiday deals that float around on the internet and jet off to a snow-capped chalet or apartment on the beach, and bask in your own luxurious independence. All inclusive holidays take care of all of your food and drink, leaving you with time to explore, have a massage, hire a jet ski, take in the sights…the list is endless. You’ll enter 2015 feeling refreshed.

The key to spending Christmas alone is to embrace it. Put up the decorations, stuff your face with incredible food and treat yourself to something luscious in the present department. You won’t regret it.

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