Fireworks night favourites

Remember, remember the 5th November, it’s time to start planning the menu! Whatever you plan on doing for Fireworks Night this year one thing’s for certain – you’re going to need some scrummy, warming food to welcome you home once you’ve enjoyed the spectacular show. Here we’ve come up with some firework food ideas to help you sparkle this Bonfire Night.

One of the best ways to enjoy a stress-free fireworks night is by planning ahead and putting something in the slow cooker, so that it’s bubbling away and getting all yummy while you enjoy yourself. Pork shoulder with a sticky BBQ sauce is a great option, whether you want to serve it piled onto baked potatoes or pull it apart and stuff it in buns with some creamy cool coleslaw. A big mixed bean chilli full of smoky paprika and sweet peppers is another great topping for some fluffy jacket potatoes, perfect with a cooling dollop of sour cream and plenty of grated cheese.

Soups and stews are also great things to prepare in advance, either in a slow cooker if you have one or just in a large pan. You can have them all cooked and ready to go before you head out to see the fireworks and then come home and reheat once you’ve finished enjoying the festivities. Classic tomato soup with hunks of bread or a chunky beef stew with lots of veggies, meat and potatoes all contained in one big tasty pot both make awesome options for Firework Night feasts.

Sweet snacks are another Bonfire Night essential. After all, you need to keep your energy levels up to make the most of those beautiful firework displays! S’mores are an American snacking essential, and there’s nothing stopping you stocking up on this awesome snack for Bonfire Night. Grilled marshmallows and chocolate spread between cookies for a traditional take, or go for peanut butter cups between waffle biscuits or pumpkin puree and marshmallows between ginger nuts for an autumnal taste that would definitely be a hit over the pond.

When it comes to sweet treats to tempt your tastebuds after an evening in the cold then hot chocolate is definitely top of the list. There are tons of ways to make your hot chocolate your own, whether you go classic with a milky chocolate blend or mix it up by using a white chocolate base. For the grown ups you could add a splash of nutty liqueur and a spoonful of Nutella to add a little hint of luxury to your November celebrations. Or, for a more festive beverage to warm you up on a cold November evening then it’s never too early to break out the mulled wine!

Whether you go sweet, savoury or all of the above for your Fireworks Night feast this year we hope you have a magical evening!

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