Family fun recipes for Bake for Family Fun Month

In our humble opinion there are only two ways to improve a family meal, the first is to make it a picnic and the second is to inject some good old fashioned teamwork and prepare it yourselves.

To ensure the whole family can join in we’ve kept these recipe ideas as family friendly and flexible as possible.

Shaped Sandwiches

To add touch more fun to the traditional sandwich, why not use biscuit cutters to make more interesting shapes. With careful placement it’s surprising how little wastage there needs to be…and eating any off-cuts is surely one of the perks of cooking!

Mini Pizzas

Baking homemade pizzas can be as straightforward or involved as you decide to make it. Whether you’re looking to have an impromptu science lesson using yeast and flour to make the base from scratch or opt to use some pita breads, adding the sauce and toppings is just as much fun! A little leftover bolognaise sauce makes for perfect pizza sauce, alternatively a thin layer of pesto or jarred pasta sauce works equally well, just add a selection of your favourite toppings and generous helpings of grated cheese, sliced mozzarella and a sprinkle of your favourite herbs.

Savoury Cheese Biscuits

Whether you have a favourite savoury biscuit recipe or decide to opt for pre-prepared puff pastry the addition of generous amounts of grated cheese makes the perfect picnic lunch accompaniment. We tend to raid the cookie cutter draw for inspiration but the traditional twisted cheese straws taste just as good!

Crispy Cakes

A timeless favourite! Nothing beats stirring crunchy rice crispies into freshly melted chocolate and little hands trying to manoeuvre generous spoonfuls into paper cake cases. For an extra touch of decadence why not add a handful of mini-marshmallows or some chopped dried fruit.

In the event of any leftovers much of the above tastes just as good the next day and would make a perfect addition to a packed lunch.


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