Classic Christmas Presents from the last 90 years!

Did you know that we’re celebrating our 90th Anniversary this year? It got us thinking about how different the gifts would have been in 1926 when Great Grandfather Percy first opened his grocery store. Spicers Little Helpers have been looking at the classic Christmas gifts from the last 90 years. 


In the 1920s it was all about the cloche hat. It was the must-have accessory for many women. Celebrity Joan Crawford was often spotted sporting the iconic hat and many wanted to identify with their idol. 


The handheld toy, the Amos & Andy taxi from the well loved radio show series Amos & Andy , proved hugely popular in the 1930s. Every child wanted one! It’s amazing how powerful media merchandising was, even back then.


In a decade where the Second World War affected the economy massively, Christmas gifts became second-hand giveaways, or homemade gifts such as knitted clothing or toys carved from wood. 


The classic dice game Yahtzee became a phenomenon when it was released in 1954. Still popular today, this retro game will never get old!


This is the decade Barbie was waiting for – the arrival of her boyfriend Ken. Children all over the world couldn’t wait to extend their doll collection on Christmas Day.


Everyone went into a frenzy in 1977 when Star Wars took the world by storm. Merchandise and toys were on every fan’s Christmas list.


Rupert The Bear, Danger Mouse and Orville were big in the 1980s, and children went crazy for at least one of their favourite TV personalities.


As console gaming reached new heights in the 1990s, everyone wanted to get their hands on a Nintendo machine with games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda. Now classified as a retro gaming console, the Nintendo ’64 was enjoyed by many, and a popular Christmas gift!


Arguably the start of Apple’s domination, the 2000’s saw the launch of the Apple iPod, which changed the way music was listened to by the world. Apple’s range of products were heavily sought after for Christmas presents throughout this decade. 

2010 and beyond..

Now we’ve made it to our current decade, we can see how things have changed! The most popular gadget in 2016 is the virtual reality headset, taking gaming and film experiences to a new level. It’s certainly interesting to wonder how Christmas gifting will have changed even more in the 2020s! 

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