Christmas Gift Boxes

Stunningly smart and beautifully presented Christmas food and drink gift boxes are the perfect alternative to the more traditional wicker basket.  We have used our 90 years of hamper experience to produce the perfect gift boxes beautifully presenting the finest artisan contents. Crammed full of all the delicacies and treats you look forward to at Christmas, these festive boxes are the perfect gift.

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Snow Drop - H18001

Snow Drop

£17.95 ex. VAT

Filled with delicious Scottish Shortbreads and Festive Fruit Cake Slices this hamper is perfect for when the snow is falling and the kettle’s boiled to keep you feeling warm and festive. Packaged in a beautiful red box, this hamper’s blend of sweet delights and preserves would make a lovely gift to share or devour alone!

Three Cheese Tray - H18137

Three Cheese Tray

£19.00 ex. VAT

Who needs Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh when you can have three perfect spheres of fabulous cheese? A beautiful wooden crate encases an irresistible selection of cheese that is perfect for any cheeseboard! Ale & Mustard Seed Cheddar, a Cranberry infused Wensleydale and a Caramelised Onion Cheddar will make your mouth water and your senses tingle. Perfectly accompanied by Scarlett & Mustard’s Ploughman’s Pickle, and crunchy Miller’s Ale Beer Crackers, this gift is fit for the noblest of taste buds.

Old World Wine Duo - H18050

Old World Wine Duo

£19.95 ex. VAT

A chance to treat a loved one to couple of bottles of Deer Point’s fine Bulgarian wine. Enjoy the smooth, ripe and fruity flavours of a beautiful bottle of Deer Point Cabernet Sauvignon, or dream of being in the Bulgarian mountains whilst enjoying a sip of Deer Point Chardonnay with its subtle fruity undertones. A gift that will be generously received by any wine lover.

New World Wine Duo - H18156

New World Wine Duo

£19.95 ex. VAT

A bottle of Otra Tierra’s Chilean Merlot will provide the perfect notes to accompany any hearty dish. With deep floral and earthy aromas this Merlot tastes luxurious and indulgent and is suitable for any occasion. For those who prefer a lighter wine, a bottle of beautifully crisp Sauvignon Blanc is the answer. Paired with salads or a delicious creamy pasta the crisp notes of this wine will uplift any meal, providing an earthy freshness.

Afternoon Tea Selection - H18118

Afternoon Tea Selection

£20.00 ex. VAT

There is nothing more quintessentially English than the classic spread of a delicate and indulgent afternoon tea. A mouthful of sweet Cherry and Almond cake and a perfectly dunkable luxury Brownie Biscuit is perfect to accompany your cup of beautifully blended New English Tea. This hamper combines all of the luxury of going for afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home. With the accompaniments for your freshly baked scones sorted, you can just sit back and relax with a cup of tea.

Port and Chocolates - H18004

Port and Chocolates

£20.50 ex. VAT

A beautiful Portuguese Port is an impeccable choice of tipple which will be sure to finish any occasion on a high. A hamper that gives joy all year round; comprising Dark Chocolate, assorted Pralines and Chocolate Stars, a perfect finishing touch to any truly indulgent and special evening.  A memorable event your guests.

Prosecco and Panettone - H18053

Prosecco and Panettone

£21.95 ex. VAT

Looking for the perfect present? No one would say no to Prosecco and Panettone! Make someone’s Christmas Sparkle with a bottle of Fiabesco Prosecco, beautifully crisp and refreshing to compliment any pre-dinner canapés. Luxury Linden Lady Chocolate Marshmallows and a stunning taste of Italy, which is embodied in the sweet Orange & Cranberry Panettone, will make the recipient of this delicious gift feel like they are basking in glorious sun on a cold winter’s day.

Berry Blast - H18125

Berry Blast

£22.00 ex. VAT

Your taste buds are sure to have a blast with the delightful contents of this hamper. Enjoy tasty treats such as Strawberry White Chocolate and Mixed Berry Biscuits, all washed down with a fruity glass of Raspberry and Lemon Belvoir Cordial. Throw in some Berry and Cream flavoured Fudge and you’ve got yourself a berry banquet! You will be berry excited by what this box has to offer.

The Chocolicious - H18111

The Chocolicious

£22.50 ex. VAT

Calling Chocoholics everywhere, this hamper is the one for you! Have you ever heard of a chocolate treat more sumptuous than Chocolate Enrobed Caramels? Or experienced the sensation of stirring a stick of pure milk chocolate into a warm mug of milk to create the most luxurious hot chocolate drink you will ever consume? All of your Charlie in the Chocolate Factory dreams will some true as you dive into the cocoa filled paradise that The Chocolicious box entails.

All Aboard - H18026

All Aboard

£23.50 ex. VAT

The children in your family won’t be able to control their excitement upon receiving this delectable gift! Bring the family together building and decorating your own Gingerbread Train, creating an edible Tank Engine is sure to excite any boy or girl! Decorate with Chocolate Beans, Dolly Mixtures and Strawberry Candy Canes. The festive excitement that this charming gift brings is a luxury in itself. 

A Gift For You - H18007

A Gift For You

£23.95 ex. VAT

With beautifully fluffy Raspberry Marshmallows and a sumptuous Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar, this elegant black box is an excellent treat for a sweet toothed companion. The bottle of Sauvignon Blanc compliments the sweet selection of treats, creating the ideal movie night bundle. Perfect for a night in with a friend or on your own when relaxation and indulgence is it at the top of the priority list.

Prosecco and Chocolates - H18102

Prosecco and Chocolates

£25.00 ex. VAT

A match made in heaven. No one would say no to a relaxing night in with a bottle of bubbly Italian Abbazia Prosecco and a luxurious selection of chocolaty delights. Whether milk chocolate tickles your taste buds, or if the indulgence of Stas Truffles and Brownie Biscuits are a more enticing prospect, the delicious array of chocolate treats in this gift are sure to make a relaxing night all the more special.

The Sleigh Bells - H18010

The Sleigh Bells

£25.95 ex. VAT

A combination of decadent Shortbreads and savoury delights makes this hamper perfect for a Christmas Eve treat to get the festivities flowing. Even Scrooge would not be able to resist feeling the Christmas cheer when digging into beautiful Red Onion and Cheddar Biscuits alongside Orange and Cranberry Marmalade; a match made in heaven when combined with some of your festive Wensleydale! This hamper will make waiting to hear Santa’s Sleigh Bells all the more exciting.

Wine and Cheese Crate - H18160

Wine and Cheese Crate

£26.95 ex. VAT

Boastingly bountiful, this hamper has all of the components needed for a perfect evening indulging in good wine and even better cheese! A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is a match made in heaven when consuming a luxurious Ford Farm Cranberry Wensleydale and a Caramelised Onion Cheddar cheese. Partnered with a spicy Pickled Village Chutney and Miller’s Ale Beer Crackers, your evening of pure indulgence is on the right path to being an immense success.

Sherry and Mincepies - H18015

Sherry and Mincepies

£28.50 ex. VAT

Mince pies aren’t just for Santa to enjoy. A warm fire, a beautifully indulgent Mince Pie, and a tipple of Barbadillo Cream Sherry are exactly what the doctor ordered on a cold winter’s night. Or perhaps you are in need of a dinner party show stopper in the hope of sending your guests away full of rich Truffles and festive cheer. For a festive period involving family, fun and decadent sweet treats you need look no further. All wrapped up in a luxury black box, this mouth watering hamper provides all of the festive necessities needed for a truly enjoyable Christmas.

Savoury Gift Box - H18133

Savoury Gift Box

£30.00 ex. VAT

When words aren’t quite enough let the snacks do the talking. This Savoury gift will be warmly received by any love of savoury foods. Red Onion & Cheddar Biscuits, NibNibs Cumin Breadsticks and Mrs Bridges Spicy Tomato Salsa are sure to make many hearts skip a beat. A delicious savoury feast, accompanied by a rich glass of Chilean Malbec is the perfect wind down treat.

Dig & Share Gift Box - H18019

Dig & Share Gift Box

£31.50 ex. VAT

Heard of the saying ‘sharing is caring’? Embody that saying and be sure to make yourself popular with your friends, family or colleagues when you present them with the Dig & Share Gift Box this Christmas. Scottish Shortbread, British Biscotti and Salted Maple Fudge will go down a treat with anyone looking for a sweet afternoon boost. With a selection of 12 luxury items to choose from everyone will by happy!

Gin & Tonic Lovers - H18139

Gin & Tonic Lovers

£34.95 ex. VAT

Want to give a gin-erous gift or treat yourself? Look no further than our Gin & Tonic hamper! The prospect of a well earned, ice cold, glass of Elderflower Gin with a luxurious Fentimans Tonic Water is the ultimate reward at the end of a long day! Enjoy an indulgent evening of G&T’s and gourmet treats such as Joe & Steph’s unique Gin & Tonic flavoured popcorn and a bar of Melting Pot Gin Fudge! This hamper is sure to embody all of your Gin & Tonic dreams. 

Elegance Sparkling  - H18021

Elegance Sparkling

£36.95 ex. VAT

This luxurious black box lives up to its elegant name. Classically rich Truffles, Salted Caramel Biscuits and beautiful Milk and White Chocolate Stars will bring sophistication and elegance to any festive occasion. A fabulous bottle of Fiabesco Prosecco ties together the decadent nature of this box and ensures a luxurious experience for all who are touched by its sparkle.

Yule Gift Box  - H18022

Yule Gift Box

£37.50 ex. VAT

Consisting of 11 luxurious items this memorable black, purple and gold box is sure to make a lasting impression on its recipient. Triple Chocolate Biscuits, followed by a generous tipple of Australian Merlot are sure to get the party started. A selection of savoury and sweet post dinner treats make this box suitable for all tastes. Whether you are enticed by the idea of the Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Biscuits to accompany your cheeseboard, or the Rum and Raisin Fudge and Chocolate Éclairs are what caught your eye, the Yule Gift Box will be loved by all.

Christmas Classic Gift Box - H18027

Christmas Classic Gift Box

£52.95 ex. VAT

Splendid Chocolate Pralines, English Salted Maple Fudge and Old Fashioned Pear Drops really bring a traditional atmosphere to this hamper. This classic Christmas Gift Box brings all the family together and will ignite those childhood memories that are so cherished within you. A beautiful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, or Sauvignon Blanc, and some warming Mince Pies will be thoroughly enjoyed as you reminisce on past festive seasons.

The Connoisseur Gift Box - H18030

The Connoisseur Gift Box

£60.95 ex. VAT

This expertly crafted gift box will satisfy everyone on your Christmas gift list. Including a bottle of Chilean Merlot and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, it has you covered whatever they prefer as their tipple of choice. Eggnog Biscuits, Honeycomb Dips and Rich Baked Mince Pies are simply a mere scratch on the surface of what this delightful Gift Box has to offer.

Festive Greetings Gift Box - H18033

Festive Greetings Gift Box

£69.95 ex. VAT

Our Festive Greetings gift box demonstrates a wonderful, warming array of festive delights. A glass of warm Mulled Wine and a decadent Mince Pie would make the perfect winter warmer after a cold Boxing Day walk, while Old English Apple Chutney and the Jalapeno and Cheddar Biscotti would be delicious accompaniments for any cheeseboard. A beautiful hamper designed to impress in its versatility at every festive occasion.

The Christmas Eve Gift Box - H18034

The Christmas Eve Gift Box

£82.95 ex. VAT

It is the night before Christmas and your taste buds are astir; why not indulge your festive cravings with some of the exquisite offerings that can be unearthed within The Christmas Eve Gift Box. Satisfy that hankering desire for a Christmas Eve treat with some rich Cocoa Truffles or Almond Nougat; traditional seasonal staples that just must be indulged. It should not be denied that Grandma Wild’s Mince Pies certainly aren’t just for Santa to enjoy! Let the celebrations begin with this bountiful box on Christmas Eve.


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