Brunches for the whole family

Who doesn’t enjoy having a lie in and a late breakfast-come-lunch? Or, as it’s better known, a delicious brunch.

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning you’ve had, pottering around the house or perhaps a manic Saturday morning taking the children to their clubs, once the clock strikes eleven o’clock it is officially brunch time.

Now a traditional brunch would be a fry up – sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans, mushrooms and fried bread, but it doesn’t have to be. With such a wide variety of other foods and meals, why not try something new at your next brunch?

Pastries and cakes

You can’t go wrong with a selection of pastries, including pecan plaits, cinnamon whirls, pain au chocolat and muffins – from lemon and poppyseed to blueberry, chocolate and cherry. How about doughnuts with jam, or cappuccino flavouring for a tasty twist, a classic coffee cake, Belgian buns or Danish pastries? These are all delicious, easy to eat, tasty treats for you and your family or friends to feast on. Add a hot chocolate, tea, coffee or fresh apple juice and your brunch is complete.

Why not bring savoury and sweet together and enjoy an apple-cheddar Danish? It certainly is something different, and one that will be a hit with all the family.

Cereal with a twist

It’s gone past cereal time, but why not add a twist? Instead of normal, boring oatmeal why not spice it up by adding pineapple, walnut and ginger to it? It will give you that extra luscious, energetic zing to your brunch and keep you full for hours. Granola with fruit and nuts, with added maple syrup, will get your tastebuds tingling, and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day.

Waffles and pancakes

Who doesn’t love waffles and pancakes for breakfast? They are the base for whatever toppings you desire to add. Whether it’s maple syrup, blueberries and strawberries, chocolate spread and bananas, or even spiced pumpkin waffles, these traditional American breakfast treats have been gracing our shores at brunch time menus for many, many years. Team it with a mocha coffee or a frappuccino and you are in an American brunch heaven.


Maybe you have more of a savoury appetite than sweet, and perhaps prefer something more lunch-like than breakfast inspired? A Spanish omelette is a perfect brunch time meal, which includes onions, eggs and potatoes as its base. You can eat this alone, or add other food alongside it such as olives or sliced meats – parma ham and chorizo work well. With a dollop of a chutney on the side and a glass of fresh orange juice, your continental brunch will be perfect.

Smoked salmon on toast with cream cheese, or scrambled eggs with a little garnishing of fresh herbs, are both great ideas for a quick and easy brunch if you are in a bit of a hurry.

Children’s brunches

These can be made fun by cutting toast into funny shapes, making faces with fruits on pancakes, or opting for a bright and colourful fruit salad.

For a mini fry up, why not cut a hole in the middle of a piece of toast or fried bread and put a fried egg within it, use that as the nose and then add baked beans as its hair, mushrooms for ears, tomatoes for eyes and bacon as a smiley mouth?

So next time you have a brunch, don’t go for the norm – be adventurous and try something different, there is after all plenty of choice out there.

Speaking of choice, we have a huge selection of luxury food and drink hampers that are guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling!

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