Four ways to repurpose your hamper

August 18, 2020 2 min read

Nothing needs to go to waste when you receive a hamper, every product is carefully hand-selected to be both practical and a tasty treat. In January each year our production team start working on designing, selecting and testing boxes, baskets and gift bags that not only perfectly protect the hamper’s contents but also to look so amazing that you’ll want to use them again and again, year after year!

Here are our top four ways of repurposing your hamper, once all the treats have been enjoyed. 

Both large and small baskets work perfectly for bathroom storage. Few bathrooms have quite enough storage for all of the family’s needs but hamper baskets work perfectly on both the practicality and aesthetic front. Smaller baskets are perfect for all sorts of lotions and potions and can even be sub-divided for smaller pots or make-up. If space allows, a larger basket can neatly hide unsightly cleaning bottles or toilet tissues, or, if you’re lucky enough to receive one, an Ottoman chest is a fantastic breathable storage solution for towels.

One downside of the digital age is that everything needs a charger, they seem to adorn every available plug socket, yet the correct one is never about when and where you need it - the ‘everything-useful’ draw in the kitchen just can’t hold them all! One central point of storage is the solution - and the ‘charger basket’ will save a lot of stress when battery life is getting slow.

Any parent will know that toy storage is an ongoing issue! Children often have a tendency to love what can only be described as ‘bits and bobs’ that seem to migrate to every corner and surface of the house – hiding them in the new hamper basket, gift box or jute bag is the perfect game…I mean solution!

If you’ve already got all elements of storage organised and just no space for anything new, why not use the protective qualities of the basket to store Christmas decorations ready for next year. The basket can then be tucked beneath or behind the tree to not only act as a decoration but saves a couple of trips up into the loft too!

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