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August 26, 2021 2 min read

At Spicers of Hythe we aim to provide every gift for every tastebud. This means everything from Wine & Cheese, to Champagne & Chocolate. This means that the lucky person you’re gifting to will get exactly what they would love this Christmas…

Can you go wrong with Chocolate at Christmas?

Spicers of Hythe hold so many Chocolate-filled hampers, gifts and boxes ready for delivery this festive season. Witling a list down to just 3 has been hard enough but if you want to see the full list of Chocolatey presents simply search “chocolate” and our brand-new website will show you just how much choice you have when it comes to the best cocoa gifts there are to buy.

Chocolate Drop - £24 inc VAT

Named Chocolate Drop, you may be mistaken for thinking there’s little to this cocoa-filled box of goodies. Bursting with any and all kind of chocolate this hand-packed box is a perfect gift for a chocolate lover in the £20-£30 price range.

Brownie biscuits, milk chocolate covered brazil nuts, chocolate meringue bar, chocolate & caramel fudge. The list of ways we have compiled chocolatey treats is near endless. 

Chocolate Drop

If you know someone that loves chocolate, they will be thankful you’ve opted for the Chocolate Drop

 View Chocolate Drop Here

This gift is as simple a pleasure as they come.

A bottle of fizz and chocolate go together as well as any combination you can imagine.

Champagne & Chocolates - £34.95- inc VAT


A tall dark bottle of Baron De Beupre Champagne partners a plentiful box of Milk, White & Dark Chocolate Classics from Walkers.

View Champagne & Chocolates Here 

Prosecco & Chocolate - £30 inc VAT

A large black bottle of Accademia Prosecco D.O.C. goes hand in hand with 2 incredible indulgences. Not everyone has tried premium chocolate coated marshmallows, but if you want an introduction to this treat Linden Lady have mastered the art of combining soft, fluffy marshmallows and rich chocolate. If filling Prosecco glasses wasn’t enough, try the Jacquot classic truffles alongside a sip of your very own premium prosecco.

The beauty in these gifts is in their simplicity, give someone a truly enjoyable evening at home with this premium present. Fill a Prosecco glass & enjoy your chocolate indulgences...

 View Prosecco & Chocolates Here

Penny Post Chocolate Lover - £18 inc VAT

Penny Post is a great little gift whatever someone’s taste. Hand-packed into a box that has been made to fit your letterbox, give someone a treat to come home too when they open their door to this Chocolate filled gift.


In the Chocolate Lover box there’s no prizes for guessing what is packed in this perfect present for a sweet tooth. With everything from Milk chocolate to crunch bars you’ll be surprised at how many treats can fit through a letterbox.  

View Penny Post Chocolate Lover Here

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