Luxury Christmas Hampers, Gift Boxes and Baskets

Our wide range of Luxury Christmas Hampers and quality gift baskets make wonderful Christmas presents. We have something for everyone, so whether your Mum loves wine, your Dad enjoys a glass of port with his cheese or your sister’s a chocoholic, within our selection of Christmas gift hampers you will find something to suit.

Want a little extra help choosing the perfect Christmas hamper, then why not explore our range a little differently this year?  To make choosing the perfect gift even easier, simply click here to check out our new guide to buying Christmas hampers.  Our flowchart will guide you effortlessly through the selection process helping to ensure your recipient will be more delighted than ever with their gift.


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The Christmas Box - H19002

The Christmas Box

£14.95 ex. VAT

If you are trying to impress anyone with a sweet tooth this Christmas then the Christmas Box is sure to win their heart. Beautiful Radford's fine fudge, Luxury Mince Pies and Chocolate Coated Nuts and Raisins will undoubtedly satisfy even the sweetest tooth. A truly thoughtful and sweet gift that can be enjoyed by all of the family.

Snow Drop - H19001

Snow Drop

£16.95 ex. VAT

Filled with delightful treats including Scottish Shortbread and an Iced Christmas Cake, this hamper is perfect for keeping you feeling warm and festive when the snow is falling and the kettle’s boiled. Packaged in a beautiful red gift box, this hamper’s blend of sweet and savoury delights will make a lovely gift to share or devour alone!

Three Cheese Tray - H19137

Three Cheese Tray

£19.50 ex. VAT

Who needs Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh when you can have three perfect spheres of fabulous cheese? A beautiful wooden crate encases an irresistible selection of cheese that is perfect for any cheeseboard! Ale & Mustard Seed Cheddar, a Cranberry infused Wensleydale and a Caramelised Onion Cheddar will make your mouth water and your senses tingle. Perfectly accompanied by a selection of fine chutneys and crunchy Taste Cheddar and Red Onion Biscuits, this gift is fit for the noblest of taste buds.

Three Cheese Cool Bag - H19063

Three Cheese Cool Bag

£19.75 ex. VAT

Stay cool with this fabulous gift that will keep on giving the whole year through.  Packed in a delightful cool bag this gift is perfect for any cheese enthusiast.  Featuring Ale & Mustard Seed Cheddar, a Cranberry infused Wensleydale and a Caramelised Onion Cheddar accompanied by a selection of savoury biscuits and tasty chutneys, all of which will make your mouth water and your senses tingle.

Chilean Wine Duo - H19156

Chilean Wine Duo

£19.95 ex. VAT

A bottle of Cavadorra's Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon will provide the perfect notes to accompany any hearty dish. This Cabernet Sauvignon tastes luxurious and indulgent and is suitable for any occasion. For those who prefer a lighter wine, a bottle of beautifully crisp Sauvignon Blanc is the answer. Paired with salads or a delicious creamy pasta the crisp notes of this wine will uplift any meal, providing an earthy freshness.

Tower Of Treats - H19117

Tower Of Treats

£19.95 ex. VAT

More treats than one box can handle!  This Tower of Treats is vibrant in both colour and content.  A celebration of sweet treats for those who like to think outside the box with delights including Cambrook Caramelised Sesame Peanuts and C&C Milk Chocolate Honeycomb to name but a few.

Santa's Surprise - H19003

Santa's Surprise

£19.95 ex. VAT

This Christmas Sack provides the perfect Christmas snacks! Indulgent Stas Milk Chocolate Bauble Tree Decoration and beautifully festive Gourmet Mallow Snowmen could not epitomise Christmas more!  Quibbles Three Nuts & Cranberry mix make for delicious Christmas party snacks and will go down a treat with anyone lucky enough to receive this Sack. The perfect gift for a child, or adult, that refuses to grow up!

French Wine Duo - H19050

French Wine Duo

£19.95 ex. VAT

A chance to treat a loved one to couple of bottles of Alain Mecon fine French wine. Enjoy the smooth, ripe and fruity flavours of a beautiful bottle of Alain Mecon Merlot, or dream of being in the French countryside whilst enjoying a sip of Alain Mecon Sauvignon Blanc with its subtle fruity undertones. A gift that will be generously received by any wine lover.

Port & Chocolates - H19004

Port & Chocolates

£19.95 ex. VAT

A beautiful Portuguese Port is an impeccable choice of tipple which will be sure to finish any occasion on a high. A hamper that gives joy all year round and includes delights such as Eternal Grocer Chocolate Coated Nuts & Raisins and Edinburgh Brazilian Coffee, giving a perfect finishing touch to any truly indulgent and special evening.  A memorable event for your guests.

Afternoon Tea Selection - H19118

Afternoon Tea Selection

£20.00 ex. VAT

There is nothing more quintessentially English than the classic spread of a delicate and indulgent afternoon tea. A mouthful of sweet Cherry and Almond cake and a perfectly dunkable Walnut Crunch Biscuit is perfect to accompany your cup of beautifully blended Ahmad  English Afternoon Tea. This hamper combines all of the luxury of going for afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home.

Sweet Delights - H19116

Sweet Delights

£20.50 ex. VAT

Everyone deserves to satisfy that sweet craving and the Sweet Delights of this beautiful basket are there to satisfy its needs.  Indulge your sugary senses as you bite into Guppy's White Chocolate Raspberry Shards or indulge in some luxurious Stas Truffles. A glass of Otra Tierra Sauvignon Blanc will seal this sweet deal.

Midnight Star - H19113

Midnight Star

£20.50 ex. VAT

This is a gift that will certainly make you a star in the eye of its lucky beholder. A smart wicker basket contains all of the elements of a richly luxurious and relaxing night of indulgence. A bottle of Otra Tierra Merlot is accompanied by a scrumptious array of goodies, including Guppy's Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Shards and mouth watering  Smoky Sea Salt & Strong Cheddar Shortbread. And when the clock strikes 12, after your evening of indulging in opulent treats, we can guarantee that these riches will not turn to rags.

The Salted Caramel - H19020

The Salted Caramel

£20.95 ex. VAT

Berry Blast - H19125

Berry Blast

£22.00 ex. VAT

Your taste buds are sure to have a blast with the delightful contents of this hamper. Enjoy tasty treats such as Whitakers Chocolate Coated Strawberry Cremes and Flower & White Raspberry Meringue Bar, all washed down with a fruity glass of Fitzpatrick's Cranberry & Pomegranate Cordial. Throw in some Quibbles Three Nuts & Cranberry mix and you’ve got yourself a berry banquet!  This box is guaranteed to give you a Berry Merry Christmas!

The Chocolicious - H19111

The Chocolicious

£22.50 ex. VAT

Calling Chocoholics everywhere, this hamper is the one for you! Have you ever heard of a chocolate treat more sumptuous than C&C Milk Choc Butterscotch Shards or experienced the sensation of biting into the crumbly Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips? All of your Charlie in the Chocolate Factory dreams will some true as you dive into the cocoa filled paradise that The Chocolicious box entails.

The Joybells - H19006

The Joybells

£22.95 ex. VAT

Upon receiving this hamper it would be hard not to feel joyous. This stunning festive red box has something for everyone. Chloe's Christmas Wreaths Cranberries & White Fondant and a cup of New English Vintage Tea make for a classic Christmas snack. The delicious Eternal Grocer Chocolate Covered Honeycomb and decadent Stas Milk Chocolate Bauble are sure to make any recipient feel wonderfully special and truly pampered. 

Sparkling Panettone - H19053

Sparkling Panettone

£23.95 ex. VAT

Looking for the perfect present? No one would say no to Fizz and Panettone! Make someone’s Christmas sparkle with a bottle of Kiss Vino Spumante, beautifully crisp and refreshing to compliment any pre-dinner canapés. Luxury Linden Lady Chocolate and a stunning taste of Italy, which is embodied in the sweet Ardens Chocolate & Ginger Panettone, will make the recipient of this delicious gift feel like they are basking in glorious sun on a cold winter’s day.

Gift For You - H19007

Gift For You

£23.95 ex. VAT

With beautifully delectable Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips and a sumptuous Mincemeat Shortbread Traybake, this elegant red weaved tray is an excellent treat for a sweet toothed companion. The bottle of Archivio Pecoriono Terre Di Chieti compliments the sweet selection of treats, creating the ideal movie night bundle. Perfect for a night in with a friend or on your own when relaxation and indulgence is it at the top of the priority list.

Beer 7 Day Countdown - H19096

Beer 7 Day Countdown

£24.00 ex. VAT

Seven sensational craft beers will ensure that no matter what exciting occasion is coming up our 7 day beer calendar will help count down the days to the big event. It could be a holiday, birthday, wedding or Christmas, the list goes on, so start counting and enjoy these premium beers...who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favourite!

Coffee Lovers - H19212

Coffee Lovers

£24.95 ex. VAT

This bag of delights is sure to wake up your taste buds. Whitakers Coffee Cremes, Stas Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar and a Cinnamon Bun Mug Cake Mix are all to be found inside this bag of treats. There is no better way to rejuvenate yourself than with a delicious Reids Chocolate Chunk & Orange Shortbread dipped into a mug of Kenyan coffee.

Eastern Star - H19005

Eastern Star

£24.95 ex. VAT

Blow away the blues with this beautiful basket of brilliance!  This perfectly coordinated blue themed gift features a bottle of Sierra Alta Malbec which compliments the delightful selection of treats including Reids Blue Cheese and Walnut Shortbread and Willie's Cacao Milk of the Stars Surabaya.  Perfect for a night in when you want to blow away the blues and relaxation and indulgence is it at the top of the priority list.

The Celebration - H19009

The Celebration

£24.95 ex. VAT

Craving an after dinner treat and a nice bottle of red wine to keep the celebration going? Our Celebration Basket has something for everyone. A delightful bottle of Cavadorra Cabernet Sauvignon red wine will go down a treat as you indulge your sweet tooth with some rich Original Cake Company Fruit Iced Cake or perhaps using the Cheddar and Red Onion biscuits to compliment your cheese board is more enticing. Whether it is something sweet that tickles your taste buds, or if savoury biscuits are more up your street, this Celebration hamper provides the perfect touch of class for whatever the occasion and will leave your guests wanting to visit again!

Yuletide Tray - H19060

Yuletide Tray

£24.95 ex. VAT

Strikingly handsome this hamper boasts a delicious variety of savoury delights for those seeking something a little different for a perfect evening by the fire.  A bottle of La Deliziosa Montepulciano D’Abruzzo red wine is a match made in heaven when consumed with Cottage Delight Wild Boar & Merlot Pate and Peter's Yard Original Crispbread. Partnered with a Cottage Delight English Country Cider Chutney, your evening of savoury indulgence is on the right path to being an immense success.

Prosecco & Chocolates - H19102

Prosecco & Chocolates

£25.00 ex. VAT

A match made in heaven. No one would say no to a relaxing night in with a bottle of bubbly Accademia Prosecco and a luxurious selection of chocolaty delights from Hamlet and Linden Lady. This hamper is sure to make a relaxing night all the more special and makes a perfect git

Festive Wishes - H19008

Festive Wishes

£25.45 ex. VAT

Zesty and bold this stunning basket is sure to make an impression.  Wow the recipient with the fresh flavours and something a little different with Fitzpatrick's Rhubarb & Rosehip Cordial and Mr. Filbert's Tumeric & Black Pepper Pumpkin Seeds. Whether this hamper is for yourself, or a thoughtful non-alcoholic gift to a loved one, it will make the perfect accompaniment to your festivities.

The Sleigh Bells - H19010

The Sleigh Bells

£25.95 ex. VAT

A combination of decadent Shortbread and savoury delights makes this hamper perfect for a Christmas Eve treat to get the festivities flowing. Even Scrooge would not be able to resist feeling the Christmas cheer when digging into beautiful Taste Mince Pies alongside Cottage Delight Sweet Chilli Crostini Crackers; a match made in heaven when combined with a glass of festive Fitzpatrick's Plum & Pear Cordial! This hamper will make waiting to hear Santa’s Sleigh Bells all the more exciting.

Wine & Cheese Crate - H19160

Wine & Cheese Crate

£27.50 ex. VAT

Boastingly bountiful, this hamper has all of the components needed for a perfect evening indulging in good wine and even better cheese! A bottle of Rumbustious Giant Old Vine Red wine is a match made in heaven when consuming a luxurious Ford Farm Cheddar With Caramelised Onion and a Godminster Vintage Cheddar Star cheese. Partnered with a spicy  Scarlett & Mustard Red Onion Marmalade and Farmhouse Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Biscuits, your evening of pure indulgence is on the right path to being an immense success.

Christmas Sparkle - H19011

Christmas Sparkle

£27.95 ex. VAT

A bottle of bubbles is sure to get many festivities flowing. This hamper is full of all the festive must haves such as moreish Mince Pies, buttery Buiteman Baked With Love Gouda & Chilli Biscuits and classically Christmassy Linden Lady Chocolate Stars. An impressively co-ordinated red tray makes this hamper a lavish party centre piece; one that is sure to be enjoyed by all who delve into its delicious contents.

Winter Glow - H19112

Winter Glow

£28.00 ex. VAT

Nothing will bring you closer to heaven on earth than the contents of this basket. The delights of this stunning  tray include luxury Belgid'Or Cocoa Truffles, tempting Radford's Crumbly Butter Fudge and a luxurious Moores Barley & Oat Biscuits Hazelnut.  After indulging in the delicacies, which even the strongest of willpowers will be unable to resist, a cup of Cartwright & Butler Chai Tea will revitalise you after your post feast siesta.

The Pippin With White Wine - H19013

The Pippin With White Wine

£29.00 ex. VAT

One for the White Wine enthusiasts among us. A beautiful bottle of crisp Altaria Sauvignon Blanc white wine is complimented by a vast array of indulgent Christmas treats.  Buiteman Baked With Love Gouda & Chilli Biscuits and Delafaille Assorted Pralines will go down a treat as you enjoy a relaxing evening after, or before, the busy Christmas period. The perfect hamper to unwind and recharge.

The Pippin With Red Wine - H19012

The Pippin With Red Wine

£29.00 ex. VAT

It’s hard not to feel Merry with a glass of Merlot in hand! Add in some tasty Mince Pies, Eternal Grocer Chocolate Coated Nuts & Raisins and Delafaille Assorted Pralines and you will be feeling, not only merry, but simply heavenly after consuming the scrumptious delicacies that make this hamper so special. You will definitely not feel short of luxury while munching on some delicious Chocolate Dipped Shortbreads this Christmas!

The Mistletoe - H19017

The Mistletoe

£29.50 ex. VAT

Punch through the Winter blues with a delightful bottle of Fizpatrick's Plum & Pear Cordial and some enchanting Van Strien All Butter Cheese & Onion Straws. Nothing will show your gratitude for that special someone like Great British Biscotti Sour Cherry & Double Chocolate and indulgent Gourmet Fudge. A stylish burgundy basket, comprising of a multitude of Christmas essentials, will make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Port & Stilton - H19061

Port & Stilton

£29.95 ex. VAT

Potent Portuguese Port and a stunning Stilton Truckle will make the perfect feature in a cheese lover's present box. A decadent and classy pairing that will withstand the test of time, the Port and Stilton hamper is a gift that cannot be resisted. Perfectly partnered with Peter's Yard Spelt & Fig Crispbread, enjoy this cheesy delight with friends and family over the festive season or on a cold winters evening.

All About Christmas - H19015

All About Christmas

£29.95 ex. VAT

Mince pies aren’t just for Santa to enjoy. A warm fire, a beautifully indulgent Mince Pie, and a taste of Radfords Christmas Pudding Fudge are exactly what the doctor ordered on a cold winter’s night. For a festive period involving family, fun and decadent sweet treats you need look no further. All wrapped up in a luxury red rope basket, this mouth watering hamper provides all of the festive necessities needed for a truly enjoyable Christmas.

Savoury Gift Box - H19133

Savoury Gift Box

£30.00 ex. VAT

When words aren’t quite enough, let the snacks do the talking. This savoury gift will be warmly received by any lover of savoury foods. Cheddar & Red Onion Biscuits, NibNibs Pesto Breadsticks and Mrs Bridges Spicy Tomato Salsa are sure to make many hearts skip a beat. A delicious savoury feast, accompanied by a rich glass of Malbec, is the perfect wind down treat.

Dig & Share - H19019

Dig & Share

£31.50 ex. VAT

Heard of the saying ‘sharing is caring’? Embody that saying and be sure to make yourself popular with your friends, family or colleagues when you present them with the Dig & Share Santa Sack this Christmas. Chloe's Christmas Wreaths Cranberries & White Fondant Biscuits and Ultimate English Salted Maple Fudge will go down a treat with anyone looking for a tasty afternoon boost. With a selection of luxury items to choose from everyone will by happy!

Nutcracker - H19016


£31.95 ex. VAT

This hamper provides a glorious assortment of delicious delights; all tied together in a sophisticated black tapered tray that makes an enticing centre piece for festive celebrations. The Original Cake Company Mincemeat Shortbread Traybake and Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts will be sure to satisfy many a sweet tooth. Perfectly accompanied by savoury Eternal Grocer Chilli Coated Peanuts and Cheddar and Red Onion Biscuits, this hamper will entice one and all.  A cleverly balanced blend of sweet and savoury, topped off with a sumptuous bottle of Fioroso Nero d'Avola red wine, makes The Nutcracker a well rounded addition to your Christmas.

The Pippin With Prosecco - H19014

The Pippin With Prosecco

£32.95 ex. VAT

This beautiful hamper is the perfect gift for someone who needs to unwind and enjoy some well earned relaxation. Whether you want to win some brownie points by treating a loved one, or simply just treat yourself, Casa Bottega Prosecco and chocolate are undeniably a heavenly combination. Luxurious Delafaille Pralines, mouth watering Mince Pies and Prosecco will immediately revitalise you or a loved one. The Pippin with Prosecco hamper would make a beautiful gift for that special someone this Christmas.

The Winter Wonder - H19018

The Winter Wonder

£32.95 ex. VAT

Tasty Cranberry Crumble Biscuits and a luxurious Christmas Preserve are just the tip of the iceberg with this beautiful hamper. It is full to the brim with festive decadence, including rich Shiraz Mince Pies and a delightful Stas Milk Chocolate Bauble Tree Decoration.  Once you have experienced the delights of The Winter Wonder you will wonder why you have never enjoyed it before!

Fizz 7 Day Countdown - H19095

Fizz 7 Day Countdown

£33.00 ex. VAT

7,6,5,4,3,2,1 whether you're counting down the weeks, days or hours there's no better way to countdown than by adding a touch of sparkle!  Our Fizz countdown hamper is sure to add an extra layer of fun to your celebrations with it's delicious selection of Prosecco's, Cavas and sparkling roses.

Deluxe Chocolicious - H19132

Deluxe Chocolicious

£34.95 ex. VAT

Chocolate shards, chocolate meringue, and even a chocolate drink, there is no end to the cocoa overload of this deluxe hamper! Don’t just expect generic chocolate treats in this hamper, broaden your cocoa filled horizons by trying unique treats such as Willie's Cacao Marc De Champagne Truffles or experience the splendour of Scarlett & Mustard Chocolate & Caramel Sauce. You won’t believe your lucky stars when you open this hamper!

Elegance Sparkling - H19021

Elegance Sparkling

£35.95 ex. VAT

This luxurious black box lives up to its elegant name. Classically rich Truffles, Chocolate Brownie Biscuits and Wooden Spoon Mixed Berries in Syrup will bring sophistication and elegance to any festive occasion. A fabulous bottle of Accademia Prosecco ties together the decadent nature of this box and ensures a luxurious experience for all who are touched by its sparkle.

Gin & Tonic Lovers - H19139

Gin & Tonic Lovers

£35.95 ex. VAT

Want to give a gin-erous gift or treat yourself? Look no further than our Gin & Tonic hamper! The prospect of a well earned, ice cold, glass of Elderflower Gin with a luxurious Fentimans Tonic Water is the ultimate reward at the end of a long day! Enjoy an indulgent evening of G&T’s and gourmet treats such as C&C Gin Fizz Mallows and Gourmet Gin & Tonic Boiled Sweets! This hamper is sure to embody all of your Gin & Tonic dreams. 

Yule Gift Box - H19022

Yule Gift Box

£37.50 ex. VAT

Consisting of many luxurious items this memorable black and gold gift box is sure to make a lasting impression on its recipient. Triple Chocolate Biscuits, followed by a generous tipple of Italian Miopasso Primitivo Puglia are sure to get the party started. A selection of savoury and sweet post dinner treats make this box suitable for all tastes. Whether you are enticed by the idea of the Cottage Delight Garlic Crostini Crackers to accompany your cheeseboard, or the  Jacquot Classic Truffles and Chocolate Éclairs are what caught your eye, the Yule Gift Box will be loved by all.

The Clementine - H19136

The Clementine

£38.95 ex. VAT

The delightful wicker basket encases an array of warm, cosy delicacies as well as a classy bottle of crisp Roos Estate Merlot, all sure to warm your heart and perfect to be enjoyed in front of the fire on a cold winter's night.  Dive into the traditional flavours of gourmet treats ranging from zesty Choc Chunk & Orange Shortbread and Baked In Cinnamon Bun Mix, to indulgent  Whitakers Coffee Creams and Eternal Grocer Chocolate Covered Honeycomb.  This hamper has something for everyone, whatever the occasion.

The Redsleeves - H19023

The Redsleeves

£38.95 ex. VAT

A truly amazing hamper for anyone to receive this Christmas. Start your Christmas Day with a generous serving of delicious Orange and Whisky Marmalade.  Indulge in all things festive with a traditional Christmas Pudding, Mincemeat Shortbread Traybake and Farmhouse Regency Cranberry Biscuits. End another delightful day with a glass of Portuguese Tinto and some crunchy Chilli Coated Peanuts.

The Fireside - H19064

The Fireside

£39.95 ex. VAT

Whether you prefer a deep Merlot or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, both are catered for within this useful cool bag. A tasty Ale and Mustard Seed infused Ford Farm Cheddar, Rosemary & Garlic Olives and delicious Fruit of The Forage Hogweed Curry Chutney, all perfectly complimenting each other to create a warming and festive flavour explosion.  Follow these savoury snacks with some tempting Whitakers Coffee Creams or Beech's Milk Chocolate Bar for the perfect treat.

Silent Night - H19062

Silent Night

£40.95 ex. VAT

When it's cold and crispy outside, close the curtains, light the fire, snuggle up and enjoy this wonderful hamper of warming treats.  The smart wooden crate has an equally delectable content. Ford Farm Cloth Wrapped Cheddar, Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton, complimented by Wooden Spoon Pickled Shallots in Red Wine Vinegar, makes the Silent Night hamper perfect to relax with for a peaceful evening. Sprinkled with sweet treats, such as Jacquot Classic Truffles, this hamper has the perfect balance of flavours.

Beer Clock - H19097

Beer Clock

£42.00 ex. VAT

Tick tock, tick tock it's beer o'clock, so dig out the bottle opener, pull up a pew and let the festivities begin!   With 12 bottles of craft beers from Black Storm Brewery, The Wild Beer Co. and many more there's plenty to go around and get the party started.  Immaculately presented in a fully working clock this smart clock beer-rack can be refilled and is sure to be a party centre piece or kitchen accessory for many years to come.

The Sapphire - H19143

The Sapphire

£43.95 ex. VAT

The exquisite contents of this Sapphire hamper are sure to be the shining jewel for any celebration. A tempting bottle of Argentinean Sierra Alta Malbec red wine is surrounded by an array of equally indulgent delicacies. For those with a sweet tooth the Charles Butler Clotted Cream Toffees and Bon Bon's Gourmet Fudge are sure to impress. If savoury is more to your taste, luxury Shindigs Sea Salt & White Wine Vinegar Crisps and Reids Blue Cheese & Walnut Shortbread will defiantly satisfy. Whatever the occasion, The Sapphire will absolutely impress one and all.

Wine Clock - H19098

Wine Clock

£49.00 ex. VAT

Stop the clock!  It's time to pause time and savour the fine wines of this uniquely presented wine gift.  With a selection of red and white wines from a crisp white Waters Edge Zinfandel to a deep rich Mcguigan Black Label Shiraz, time will stand still whilst you enjoy a tipple as the festivities begin. This smart wooden clock rack actually works and can be refilled making it a great countdown for New Year or a fun kitchen accessory all year round  - there's always time for wine!

The Melody - H19024

The Melody

£49.95 ex. VAT

With perfectly co-ordinated tasty treats to tantalise your taste buds, the movingly mauve Melody hamper is sure to impress.  Unique Popcorn Shed Chocolate Caramel Popcorn, charming Charles Butler Liquorice & Blackcurrant Sweets, classic Italian Ardens Chocolate Panettone and sensationally sweet Whitakers Black Cherry Cremes are the perfect partners for a relaxing night in. A glass of Californian Rumbustious Giant Old Vine Red in front of the fire will complete the evening.  This is an exquisite hamper with equally exquisite contents.

 Christmas Classic Gift Box - H19027

Christmas Classic Gift Box

£49.95 ex. VAT

Quite simply this hamper is Christmas in a box!  Splendid Eternal Grocer Spiced Fruit Biscuits, a Christmas Pudding and Old Fashioned Grandma Wild's Mince Pies really bring a traditional atmosphere to this hamper. This classic Christmas Gift Box brings all the family together and will ignite those childhood memories that are so cherished within you. A beautiful bottle of Italian Fioroso Nero d'Avola, or Pinot Grigio, and some warming Sweet Chilli Crostini Crackers will be thoroughly enjoyed as you reminisce on past festive seasons.

Golden Moments - H19025

Golden Moments

£50.95 ex. VAT

This beautiful wicker basket, containing so many luxurious items, really has all of the essentials needed for an enjoyable get together of family and friends. The unique Fruit of the Forage Hogweed Curry Chutney and delicious Cambrook Giant Chilli Corn will compliment any cheeseboard and Gourmet Ginger & Lemon Chocolate Dipped Cookies with a relaxing cup of Ahmad Lemon & Ginger Infusion Tea will round off the event nicely.  The Golden Moments is the perfect gift and is sure to satisfy every Christmas need.

The Red Clove - H19028

The Red Clove

£52.95 ex. VAT

As red as Santa's outfit, this beautiful red wicker basket really has all of the festive essentials covered. A traditional Christmas Pudding, delicious Tomato & Basil Gourmet Bites that will compliment any cheeseboard and MacDonalds Scottish Shortbread Tails and Arden Classic Panettone to enjoy with your after dinner coffee; and the list goes on! The Red Clove is the perfect gift and is sure to satisfy every Christmas need.

The Boxing Day - H19065

The Boxing Day

£53.95 ex. VAT

After the Christmas Day family get together it’s time to put your feet up and relax with a luxury cheeseboard and bottle of Portuguese Port. A stunning selection of cheeses to choose from, including a delicious Vintage Cheddar Star,  Isle of Kintyre Old Smokey Cheese Truckle and beautiful Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton, all perfectly paired with our Classic Cheese Board Chutney and Peter's Yard Spelt & Fig Crispbread. To satisfy that sweet tooth after your savoury platter the Elizabeth Shaw Raisin and Cocoa Biscuits will go down a treat! This is the perfect hamper to unwind on Boxing Day.

Wine Advent Calendar - H19093

Wine Advent Calendar

£58.00 ex. VAT

From deep reds to rose and crisp whites, our Wine Advent Calendar is perfect for any wine enthusiast as it excellently allows you to experience your very own wine tasting tour. Chilea, South Africa and California are only a few of the regions that you will sample on your adventure through the finest vineyards of the world. Merlot to Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Grigio, you’ll find a bottle for every occasion within this finely tuned Calendar.  Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

The Connoisseur Gift Box - H19030

The Connoisseur Gift Box

£60.95 ex. VAT

This Winter themed festive gift box will satisfy anyone on your Christmas gift list. Including a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, these fine wines will be perfectly complimeneted by the array of savoury delights and sweet treats within.  Rich Chocolate Yule Log, Taste Hand Baked Rich Mince Pies and Taste Cheddar & Red Onion Biscuits are simply a mere scratch on the surface of what this delightful Gift Box has to offer.

The Coronet - H19029

The Coronet

£61.95 ex. VAT

A small crown for a big hamper, The Coronet offers a luxurious assortment of decadent produce, all beautifully enclosed in an eye catching, gloriously festive, red rope basket. Two bottles of Spanish wine are surrounded by a festive array of delicacies. Enticing treats that are often saved for a special treat, such as the Poshpin Marshmallow Sleigh, Original Cake Company Chocolate Yule Log and Fruit Of The Forage Mulled Plum Jam, give this hamper a sense of true indulgence and holiday celebration.

Frosty Nights Gift Box - H19033

Frosty Nights Gift Box

£69.95 ex. VAT

Our luxury Frosty Nights gift box features a wonderful, warming array of festive delights. Enjoy a generous slice of toasted Panettone with a glass of Nua Prosecco after a refreshing Winter's afternoon walk.  The French Sauvignon Blanc will be perfectly accompanied by the Ardens Savoury Biscuit Selection and the Mecon Merlot is a delight when enjoyed with Methez Original French Truffles. A beautiful hamper designed to impress in its versatility at every festive occasion.

The Connoisseur - H19032

The Connoisseur

£69.95 ex. VAT

A stunning lidded wicker basket encases a wide array of fabulous festive treats perfect for all Christmas gatherings. Allow yourself to take on the role of a true food Connoisseur when you sample all the delectable delicacies that this hamper has to offer. Be blown away by the taste sensation of Linden Lady Chocolate Coated Marshmallows and don’t be afraid to indulge in Farmhouse Regency Salted Caramel Biscuits and Jacquot Classic Truffles accompanied by a glass of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc. This basket is sure to delight any food enthusiast.

Fireside Feast - H19031

Fireside Feast

£71.95 ex. VAT

This premuim hamper is packed to the brim with an array of delicious sweet and savoury treats that will be sure to tantalise many taste buds. The festive red and green colour scheme of the gourmet treats within this beautiful lidded wicker basket definitely make this hamper a gift with the wow factor.  Including a luxury Christmas Pudding, award winning Van Strien All Butter Cheese & Onion Straws and delicious Mince Pies to name but a few of the gourmet delights.  Add to this a bottle of Chilean CYT Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc and this hamper provides everything needed to leave your guests feeling truly spoilt this Christmas.

Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar - H19091

Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar

£75.00 ex. VAT

Gin-ggle all the way through to Christmas and sample every gin combination you can think of with our Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar. A full bottle of The Lakes Explorer Gin is accompanied by 24 different tonics.  A wide array of unique flavoured tonics such as Strawberry & Pomegranate and Dandelion and Burdock, to established classics such as Elderflower.. This calendar is the perfect chance to experience a new G&T infusion and broaden your Gin loving taste buds. Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

Frosty Nights - H19035

Frosty Nights

£81.95 ex. VAT

Our premium Frosty Nights wooden crate of spectacular mouth watering treats boasts a plethora of festive delights.  Designed to impress in its versatility for every festive occasion, this hamper has a wonderful choice of French Mecon Merlot, Alain Mecon Sauvignon Blanc and Nua Prosecco along with a banquet of sweet and savoury indulgences.  From Oyster, Chilli & Lemon Yorkshire Crisps to Furniss All Butter Christmas Fingers and Almond Nougat this hamper will be enjoyed by all!

The Christmas Eve Gift Box - H19034

The Christmas Eve Gift Box

£82.95 ex. VAT

T'was the night before Christmas and your taste buds are astir; why not indulge your festive cravings with some of the exquisite offerings that can be unearthed within The Christmas Eve Gift Box. Satisfy that hankering desire for a Christmas Eve treat with some Linden Lady Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Stars or Cambrook Baked Truffle Nuts; traditional seasonal staples that just must be indulged. It should not be denied that Mince Pies certainly aren’t just for Santa to enjoy! Let the celebrations begin with this bountiful box on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Eve - H19036

The Christmas Eve

£94.95 ex. VAT

Casa Bottega Prosecco, Sapuri Merlot or a crisp Pinot Grigio, it’s up to you to decide how to kick off your festive Fiesta! Zesty Sweet Chilli & Lime Yorkshire Crisps, melt in the mouth Mince Pies and tempting Cartwright & Butler Cheese Wafers With Honey & Mustard are sure to get your Christmas Eve celebrations off to a smashing start. A stunning traditional wicker basket full of alluring delicacies, the Christmas Eve Basket will certainly go down a treat at any festive celebration.

The Excelsior - H19037

The Excelsior

£100.00 ex. VAT

If you want to excel in your Christmas celebration you need look no further than this abundantly filled Excelsior luxury hamper. Taste Chocolate Dipped Shortbread is perfect for dipping in a comforting cup of  Edinburgh Highland Blend Tea. Along with fluffy Marshmallow Christmas Trees for the children, or adults that refuse to grow up, and Cottage Delight Rosemary Crostini Crackers for those with a more savoury tooth, these are just a few of the many delights of this hamper! The Excelsior will definitely impress and be the shining star at any seasonal affair.

Whisky Advent Cracker - H19094

Whisky Advent Cracker

£104.00 ex. VAT

Whisky galore! For a truly neat Advent Calendar, this one really has a whiskypedia of different flavours to impress the whisky lover in your life.  Whether the Arran 14 Year Old Single Malt Whisky is your tipple of choice or you prefer Sheep Dip Blended Malt Whisky or Jameson Irish Whisky this hamper is sure to be the perfect way to enjoy the days running up to the main Christmas festivities. Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

Just Gin Advent Cracker - H19088

Just Gin Advent Cracker

£104.00 ex. VAT

It’s always Gin O’clock somewhere in the world so you can feel free to enjoy a cheeky Gin whenever the appropriate time strikes. With 24 different bottles of Gin and Gin Liqueurs to sample let the advent-ure be-gin! Whether the festive Edinburgh Christmas Gin, Sweet Potato Spirit Co. London Dry Gin or a Poetic License Old Tom Gin sounds more appealing to you, you’re certain to find a new favourite. Gin-ggle your way into the festive spirit with this Cracker of a gift! Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

Fizz Advent Calendar - H19092

Fizz Advent Calendar

£104.00 ex. VAT

Are you a fizz fanatic or know of a special someone who is? If so, the Fizzy Advent Calendar is the perfect holiday treat. With 24 bottles of various fizzy delights this is the perfect way to pop the cork on your festive celebrations. Relive the excitement of your youth, opening the door of your chocolate advent calendar, but instead of receiving a small nuget of chocolate you will be even more thrilled to find a classy bottle of bubbles! Be it a gift, or a treat for yourself, this calendar is the perfect warm up for an indulgent Christmas. Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

Gin with a Twist Advent Cracker - H19089

Gin with a Twist Advent Cracker

£104.00 ex. VAT

Let the festive celebrations be-gin! What better way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas than by sampling a different Gin every day.  With 24 different bottles of Gin and Gin Liqueurs to sample let the advent-ure be-gin! Whether the zesty Malfy Sicilian Lemon Gin, Edinburgh Gin Plum and Vanilla Liqueur or a Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Tea sounds more appealing to you, you’re certain to find a new favourite. Gin-ggle your way into the festive spirit with this Cracker of a gift! Photograph is a representation of brands included.  Contents as listed.

The Christmas Pantry - H19038

The Christmas Pantry

£140.95 ex. VAT

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon grazing, our Christmas Pantry has got it all covered. Wooden Spoon Orange & Whisky Marmalade will make a delightful addition to your breakfast spread and satisfy those who prefer a sweeter start to the day. Table decorations will be sure to make a bang with the RSW festive golden Crackers and the luxurious classic Christmas Pudding will make a centre piece to envy! Finally, to silence those late afternoon rumblings, some Ultimate English Rum & Raisin Fudge or a Luxury Mince Pie is sure to do the trick. The Christmas Pantry will ensure that you have a cracking Christmas!

The Festive Celebration - H19039

The Festive Celebration

£160.95 ex. VAT

No festive celebration is complete without some fine Ruby Port and delectable Original Cake Company Mixed Fruit and Nut Cake. Indulge yourself even more with the Whitakers Dark Chocolate Orange Cremes and Charles Butler Assorted Toffees and, for those who prefer savour treats, why not indulge your taste buds with the Farmhouse Monterey Jack & Paprika Savoury Biscuits.  Throw in some Willie's Cacao Hojicha Truffles With Liquid Green Tea Centres, Chocolate & Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate and Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips and the celebration will never end! This hamper is the gift that keeps on giving, literally it is a celebration in itself. 

Yuletide Splendour - H19040

Yuletide Splendour

£265.00 ex. VAT

Bask in festive cheer for the Yuletide is here! This hamper embodies the joy of Christmas and all the feasting engagements that surround it.  Relax and enjoy the celebration as this hamper has got you covered for all festive entertaining. Cottage Delight Sweet Chilli Crostini Crackers, Silver & Green Paprika Chilli Olives and Claires Handmade Red Onion Marmalade will look splendid on your cheeseboard or simply eaten by themselves. While a Classic Panettone, Maitre Truffout Assorted Pralines and some luxury Reids Scottish Shortbread will satisfy anyone with a sweet craving. Not to mention the six different bottles of festive beverages that contributes to the splendour of this beautiful wicker hamper.

The Extravaganza - H19069

The Extravaganza

£395.00 ex. VAT

Get your Christmas extravaganza off to a roaring start with a glass of Baron de Marck Brut Champagne and some Scottish Smoked Salmon canapés. A larder of luxury is contained within our expertly filled Extravaganza hamper. From the Award Winning Plum Pudding with Port and Brandy and the sensational selection of cheeses to the superb choice of eight bottles of festive beverages,  this hamper’s contents are as grand and luxurious as the name would suggest.

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